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Commercial Property

As and investor and former syndicator of apartments, this is my “bread-and-butter”. My personal experience is more than 40-years having been brought up tending to family apartments from the time I could push a lawnmower.

At Davis Stirling Management Corp understand fully the effect that income-stream has on value and it is this value, through proven management techniques that we seek to accomplish. We also understand the balancing act that must be done with maintenance and preventative maintenance to insure the continued and enhancement of the income stream.

Committed to our mission and philosophy of maximizing the stream-of-income and thus your value, protecting your investment, and providing excellent service is more than just talk to us.

We offer the following services in alignment with our mission and philosophy:

Property Evaluation and Administrative

  • On-site visit to property to determine a rent evaluation and suggest rent increases when appropriate
  • Assess property condition and identify deferred maintenance and safety issues
  • Establish a maintenance prevention program
  • Establish a uniform lease and rules
  • Prepare for renewal of insurance policies when due for expiration and assist with any insurance claims.

Tenant marketing

  • Extensive internet marketing, including craigslist.com, and several other websites.
  • Enhanced profiling of individual units for rent
  • Our rental fees are a low $250 for our clients

Tenant Screening

  • Full credit screening
  • Thorough reference checks: employment, credit reports, former landlords
  • Detailed rental application forms completed online
  • In-depth interviews with prospective tenants

Rent Collection Services

  • Automatic bill pay available for your tenants
  • Fair but firm rent collection policies
  • Quick action should delinquencies occur
  • Net proceeds may be mailed or directly deposited in your checking account by the 10th

Comprehensive Accounting Services

Utilizing one of the oldest and most widely used property management software Yardi.

  • Establish a working chart of accounts
  • Maintain current rent roll.
  • Collect and timely deposit all rents.
  • Send delinquent rent reminder and late notices to tenants.
  • When necessary, arrange for eviction proceedings with an attorney.
  • Maintain and process Accounts Payable in a timely manner getting approval for items over a certain limit.
  • After bank reconciliation and by the 10th of the following month provide monthly report to owners which includes (but not limited to):
    • Balance Sheet and Financial Statements,
    • Cash Flow with Budgets (Compares Budget vs. Actual),
    • Expense Register 
    • Income Register

Property Inspections

  • Initial inspection and tenant check-in
  • Spot checks and periodic inspections
  • Termination inspection and tenant check-out

Repairs and Maintenance Contracting and Supervision

  • We handle the calls and have an afterhours emergency service
  • Because of our volume, we negotiate the best prices for you with carefully chosen contractors

We know maintenance, the problems that occur, what repair costs should be, and how to get the best service

What Our Client's Say


 Great job! This is such a great website! Who knew it would be so easy to search for property management companies that fit your criteria in your region? Already received 2 phone calls within 30 minutes. Thank you! 

-Mr. Anderson


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